Updating your own Website

Updating your own Website

Updating Your Own Website - Maintain Control & Save Money

You can literally save THOUSANDS of dollars by learning to update your site yourself. You don't even have to be website savvy. It takes a little practice but when you can update it yourself you can change whatever you want, whenever you want, and you are at nobody's mercy! When it comes to control of your website the more YOU have the better off you are.

You've spent time and money to create all your printed material, press releases, case studies and newsletters. Now save them as PDF's and post them to your site. Get all the mileage you can from the energy you already spent! It's a good idea to create categorized archives for Newsletters, Company Literature, Press Releases, Company Events, etc. Each time you add something of relevance to your archives, send out an email notice to your email list.

There are sites that allow you to post your newsletters and press releases for free to be distributed throughout the net. Use them, then link your site to the information you have posted on their site. Great advertising!
Without calling someone else you can immediately react to changes in your marketing situation - add graphics, new links, new pages, coupons, whatever you need to make changes and post them immediately. Remember that one of the great advantages of having a website is the ability to make quick, inexpensive changes and additions to your information. Take full advantage of this opportunity and control it yourself.

If you want your online business to be successful, then your website it should be in the hands of experts like the guys from Hyperweb.ca. They are experts in creating small business websites. Located in Oakville, Ontario, Hyperweb understands that you want complete control over the content and don't want to pay someone else to update YOUR website.




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