3 SEO Tips from an Oakville Website Designer: Information, Updates and Quality Content

The main aim of setting up a website is generally increasing sales.  In order to increase sales, you need to reach out to a wide audience.  This means getting more hits.  And the way to get more hits is with good SEO or search engine optimization.  There are ways in which you can tweak your website so that it will show up high on the list of websites using the same keywords.  For example, if you run a real estate firm in Phoenix Arizona and someone does a search for “real estate Phoenix Arizona” on Google, your firm will be one of the first ones to pop up.  As a result, people are much more likely to click on it.  But how do you optimize your website for a search engine?  Here are a few tips from an Oakville Website Designer:

  • Providing Information.  In general, people don’t only search the internet for products or services.  They’re also looking for information.  Someone who is interested in real estate in Phoenix is likely to do a bit of research before making up his/her mind about which firm to go with.  They’ll want to know about the state of the market, the going rate in various neighborhoods, new developments in different parts of Phoenix, general tips on buying or renting a home etc.  You need to provide them with this information, which can be done on your website or your blog.  The more information you give, the greater your chances of showing up on search engines.
  • Constant Updates.  Another way to make sure that you show up in more searches is by constantly updating your website.  After all, there are many things happening in the real estate world in Phoenix Arizona.  You need to let your customers know about these things and express your opinion about them as well.  People are more likely to search for recent occurrences and news.  So if you can incorporate these in your updates, your SEO improves.  Also, the process of updating your blog, website or social media pages lets search engines know that you’re active, which also improves your chances of showing up in searches.
  • Quality Content.  In the long run, quality content is the best way of improving your SEO.  If your articles, blog posts and comments are well-written, provide good information and keep your audience’s needs in mind, then people are more likely to flock to your site and keep doing so in the long run.  Gimmicks like using popular keywords might work in the short-term but won’t have much of a long-term effect.
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