Ask a Brampton Website Designer about Content Hierarchy

Content hierarchy plays an important role in your website’s user experience by organizing how it is arranged and categorized:

What is content hierarchy?
Content hierarchy is the term for how the content of a website is arranged and categorised. This can be visualised as a family tree where the home page is the single common ancestor which all pages are related to. It forms the core structure of a website and affects everything from design to navigation.

When looking for a Brampton website designer, you should ask for his opinion on the topic. Consumers aren’t known for their long attention spans when they’re on the Internet. Whether they visit a website or click a blog, they’ll probably only stay on the site for a few seconds unless something really grabs their attention.

Since you only have a few moments to do this, you need to decide which piece of content is the most important. Assume that your website visitors will only see this tiny excerpt and nothing else. It needs to be important enough to convince visitors to spend more time on your site.

There are several ways you can prioritize your website’s content. According to a recent Business 2 Community article, businesses are now removing scroll bars and filling entire screens for a more focused design:
“Filling the screen by removing things like scroll bars is being seen more often as the year goes on and it has to be said the result is a much more focused website. This is because the hierarchy of content needs to be extremely established in order for the user to be able to navigate comfortably around the site. The result is an incredibly streamlined look.”

When you remove disposable web design elements like a scroll bar, you focus your users’ attention on other things. If you can get everyone to start at the same spot, then you can make your site easier to navigate.

It all goes back to your content hierarchy and what you decide to show consumers first. We recommend starting off with your company’s story. If you can engage users with your story, it’ll be easier to market your products and services.

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