Voice, Images and Keywords: 3 Tips from a Brampton Website


You hear a lot of different things when it comes to website design.  Some people will tell you to keep the graphics simple while others will emphasize the importance of SEO.  Some people will say that having a regularly updated blog is really important while others will suggest targeting your particular market.  Whose advice are you supposed to take? The content of your website determines the number of hits you get, some of which eventually turn into sales.  So it’s important for this content to attract viewers even if it doesn’t get your website going viral.  Here are a few content-related tips from a Brampton website designer:

  • Voice.  If you’re in the type of business which is targeted towards a niche audience with specialized knowledge, then it’s ok to use jargon that only they will understand.  But if you’re reaching out to a wider audience, jargon is best avoided.  It’s a good idea to write in a simple, conversational manner to make your content accessible to your audience.  If your audience is composed of teenagers, it would be ok to throw in some slang.  But if your audience is composed of middle-aged people looking to make investments, you might want to keep it more professional.
  • Images. People often go by the dictum “a picture is worth a thousand words.”  While it’s true that you can often convey things more succinctly with a picture, this doesn’t mean that your website should include image after image of the same thing with no space for text.  Instead of a plethora of images, it would be a good idea to use one good image and follow it up with explanatory text.  Also, try to keep your images as natural-looking as possible; avoid shock value.  While a scandalous photograph might attract a viewer’s attention, it’s likely to turn them off once they realize that the written content doesn’t match.
  • Keywords. A lot has been said about the importance of keywords on the internet.  Before search engines had wised up to it, unscrupulous SEO experts would use “keyword stuffing” in order to get more hits for a website.  Now, however, you’re likely to get penalized if you keep using the same keyword over and over rather than actually giving your audience the information you promised.  So the only real way to attract hits and turn them into sales in the long run is by providing quality content.  You can still use keywords a few times in your blog post or article but try to include them in a natural-sounding way.
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