What are the top 5 ways baseball is like content marketing for small business?

Did you think we were done with the baseball theme? Think again! While it may seem catchy — and kitschy — to compare baseball to content marketing, the reality is, there are a lot of similarities between baseball and the new wave of digital marketing. Here, then, are the top 5 ways baseball is like content marketing for small business:

  1. Both need managers: someone has to be the “brains” behind the entire baseball operation — call the plays, devise the strategies, and so on. Similarly, content marketing also requires a manager that will also serve as an “editor-in-chief” who will determine the brand, direction, and tone of your content.
  2. Both need teams: no baseball team is made up of one member — the most successful teams in history (such as the New York Yankees) were deemed as such because of a team effort. Similarly, content marketing requires the efforts of a team — different people to provide different commentary, and tone, to each piece of content contributed.
  3. Both require a starting lineup: who plays for the baseball team? Which position? This is the team’s starting lineup. Similarly, content marketing requires human resources (in the form of content providers) and financial resources (because those content providers aren’t going to work for free).
  4. Both require regular practice: Derek Jeter did not become Derek Jeter by being lazy. He practiced his sport — sometimes every day. Similarly, content marketing requires regular practice: even if you don’t update your website every day, you should at least update your website 2-3 times a week with fresh content if you expect your content marketing strategy to be effective.
  5. Both are dependent on the singles, as well as the home runs: a home run earns the team a point in baseball, but so does going around the diamond base by base. Similarly, in content marketing, while it’s great if one blog goes viral (you never know when that perfectly timed photo of Donald Trump will come in handy!), it’s equally important for your evergreen pieces to generate regular traffic.
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