Taking Your Business to the Next Level: PPC Campaigns for Small Business Websites

If you own a health and wellness business, you might’ve thought that all you needed to do was set up a website, and then the customers (and the money) would roll in.
As you’ve probably learned by now, things aren’t always that easy. Just having a website isn’t always enough – you also need traffic.
That’s why so many small business owners consider turning to PPC (pay per click) ads to boost their conversions. However, before you dip your toe into the paid online advertising world, there are a few things you should know.
This guide will help you learn all about PPC campaigns for small business websites – so that you don’t lose your shirt trying to take your business to the next level.

Reasons to Try PPC Advertising

There’s one primary reason why many businesses use PPC advertising: it’s fast. Really fast. You can launch a campaign and start seeing traffic – and sales – that same day.
There’s virtually no other advertising method that gets results as quickly as PPC. This is great for quickly finding out what your prospects are responding to, so that you can tailor the rest of your marketing strategy accordingly.
PPC doesn’t bring just anyone to your site, either. You can laser-target your campaigns so that they just display to the perfect prospect that you’ve defined. This means you don’t just get leads – you get hot leads that are desperate for the services you offer.
Another benefit of PPC is that it’s immensely scalable. Want more customers? Simply increase your budget, or your bids. And, as your PPC strategy grows and becomes more refined, you can rest assured that it will last – unlike SEO, which is subject to the whims of the search engine algorithms.

Things to Consider Before Starting PPC Advertising

Of course, PPC advertising is not foolproof. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can lose a lot of money without getting much to show for it. That’s why many companies choose to outsource their PPC campaigns, rather than take the time and risk involved in doing it themselves.

Did you ever receive a $100 voucher from Google Adwords to start your first campaign? It was a very popular promotion and many business owners took advantage. Just create an account, create and ad hit go!

But it’s also not as simple as it may appear on the surface. Many of those business owners finished their $100 trial and had nothing to show for it. It actually takes some time and practice to perfect a winning campaign. If you need immediate results, you may be better off entrusting the job to a professional (yes, we do offer those services). But if you want to conquer this challenge yourself – make sure you have the time to learn about it. You can find some excellent PPC guides online – it just takes time and practice.

Also, many people overlook the importance that their website plays in a PPC strategy. If you don’t have the right site – and landing page – for your prospects to visit, you could be pouring your entire advertising budget down the drain.

An example of this would be sending all your traffic to your home page. You home page may not be the best place for first time visitors to go. Maybe you should send them to a ‘special offer’ page, or a page that explains why your services or equipment is better than your competitors. Put yourself in your prospective customer’s place – what is the one thing you most want to read about after clicking that ad?

Once you get the recipe right, you can dramatically boost your sales – practically overnight.
Ready to Start PPC Advertising?

If you’re ready to see how PPC advertising can turbocharge your small business, and you want the perfect website for high conversions, contact us today. We’ll help set you up with the ideal PPC-optimized website, so that your clicks turn to cash.