Hyperweb Team

Our people are the best technology we have. Smart, funny, creative thinkers that make our

websites not just look good,  but work efficiently and securely for all our customers.  

“When I do something, I’m all in”.
Carl could be considered the nucleus from which everything happens. He has 25 years of knowledge stuck inside his head just waiting to come out. He loves to learn about the people he meets and what their business goals are before he starts their project. He feels this is an important start to any project and is the key to his clients’ success. No biography about Carl would be complete without mention of his sense of humour. It’s dry as toast. He tries to instill a bit of fun to his life, every day. Carl  has completed 2 ironman triathlons and enjoys camping and watching his children’s sports from the sidelines. He has a treadmill desk in his office. He’s happy to give you a demo next time you drop by.
Favourite chocolate bar: Quest Protein Bar: Peanut Butter Supreme
“The learning never stops”.
Terry’s cauldron of knowledge in the digital world is the result of a background in advertising, graphic design, web and multimedia development... 25 years in this business. As a cog in the wheel of Hyperweb Terry’s talents are constantly put to the test as he is figures out how to get things done then manages that process. It all happens behind the scenes and the result is you’ll get more than what was expected. Terry keeps that cog turning by staying fit. In what ever spare time he can muster he’ll be running, road biking and sometimes manages his outdoor landscaping business (ok that means he does all the work around his house - part of the ‘honey-do-list’). He’s also quite the cook, constantly creating a variety of healthy meals and trying his hand at west indian dishes, all to enjoy with his wife and daughter. His bucket list includes hiking to the top of Machu Picchu. And with his drive and determination it is bound to happen.
Favourite chocolate bar: Snickers
KERIN DONAHUE | Account Manager
“Don’t do anything that doesn’t fit into your business plan”
You may notice that Kerin spells her name a little differently than most. It happened in Grade 4 when there were a bunch of other Karens in her class. She changed it to stand out and has been standing out ever since. Kerin can be described as a person who gets things done. With a background in traditional advertising and big agencies, she has honed her skills to both account manage and project manage a multitude of projects all at once. She is also the dedicated person for all things relating to social media. She describes the culture at Hyperweb as a small group of people that really get each other. Kerin is a gamer (Warcraft) in her spare time and also dedicates volunteer time to helping rescue cats from loving new homes.  When asked about her life she said “I’m an ordinary girl living an extraordinary life.”
ELICIA STEVENS | Account Manager
"Always willing to go the extra mile"
Elicia is our organized, detail - oriented, and a strong communicator. As an Account Manager she is not afraid to roll up her sleeves and get the job done. She comes from a Digital Sports Marketing background and believes in taking a little piece of knowledge from even the biggest challenges she’s faced. Elicia inspires the people around her to deliver the best results possible every time. Currently working towards her goal of being part of MarketingMag’s 30 under 30. Elicia brings her 110% commitment to make sure our customers are satisfied. In her off hours, you can catch her equestrian show jumping with her passion for the outdoors.
BOYANA YORDANOVA | Intermediate Programmer
“I build websites that look good inside and out".
Boyana came to us with an art and computer science background. She develops and designs many of the sites we build. That skill set is the perfect combination of technology and creativity that creates successful sites for the Hyperweb team. She enjoys the camaraderie with her co-workers and continues to develop her skills in Photoshop and WordPress as they continue to evolve. Boyana has a big, light coloured labrador named “Gem" that is always by her side. They take long walks every day which keeps them both fit, healthy and happy. In her spare time, she likes to make things with her hands and recently built a wooden bookshelf that proudly stands in her living room.
“I am gaining knowledge every day.”
Stam is a junior developer here at Hyperweb. He is currently completing his studies in computer science and considers his position a great way to hone his skills and gain practical knowledge that isn’t available in a school setting. He likes the kindness that occurs daily at the office with other designers and developers always keen to answer a question or give a helping hand. When asked what he thinks it takes to be a good developer he said that attention to detail ranks number one. Stam considers himself to be ambitious and self-motivated. In his spare time he likes to go ice skating and snowboarding in winter, volleyball and football in summer. And walking his chow-chow Leo is an activity he enjoys on a daily basis. Actually, twice daily.
Favourite chocolate: Crunchie
"Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work"
Kalina is a new programmer here at Hyperweb. She came to us with previous experience in developing and maintaining online shops and business websites. She enjoys using WordPress to utilize her creative flair and experiment with new ideas. Kalina has a desire to create websites that not only look good but are highly functional and engaging for the user. “I love helping a visitor have a positive online experience”. She likes rolling up her sleeves and coming up with effective solutions to new challenges, on a daily basis. In her off hours she socializes with friends, does yoga and spends time outdoors riding a bike. She also likes to try DIY home decor projects and make handmade jewellery for a unique personal look. Favourite chocolate bar: Ritter Sport Macadamia