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An Understated Fact About PPC Campaigns for Small Business Websites

There is a lot of backlash in the digital marketing world when it comes to PPC advertising. These campaigns can get expensive quickly, particularly when it comes to valuable keywords. For instance, in 2013 the CPC (cost per click) on average was $0.92. This cost can rack up pretty quickly and many marketing experts tell you just to stick with SEO. However, PPC campaigns for small business websites offer quick results, something that SEO doesn’t. That still doesn’t change the cost, but fortunately there is a way to save money on your PPC campaign.

A Useful Tip

When it comes to PPC, some businesses think the world begins and ends with Google. However, that is not necessarily the case. The book Digital Marketing opines:

If you can spend $100 per month, and the cost per click is $.50, then whatever search engine you choose has to deliver 200 clicks per month. One of the implications of the mathematical formulas previously shown is that search engine reach/market share does not matter. If both Ask.com, Bing and Yahoo!, or AOL can all meet that goal, then browser reach completely ceases to be an issue.

So branching out to companies like Bing, Yahoo, and AOL are a good idea. Now you may be thinking, perhaps even protesting, about the usefulness of these sites. Isn’t Google the best? Well, Google is the biggest, and it may be the best search engine, but that doesn’t mean that a Google eyeball is more valuable than an eyeball from another search engine. Use this tip to save money.

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